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Heavy Wind and light Rain

After a Long Sleep in the Night Train I arrived in the windy City of Copenhagen. In Search for the Black Diamond I expirienced the Strong Nordic Winds. Arriving at the Black Diamond I saw a Lot of orange and Yellow People and a Lot of Bikes. That was the Meeting Point for cyclingforlibraries, and the People wearing Safety vests with the cyc4lib Logo. After a Group Foto the Adventure begun. Now was the Time to out my newly rented Bike to the test, its an Electric Bike. And I have to say the Electric assistance is quite helpful against the String Winds. The First stop was for Lunch, the leftovers from yesterdays Welcome Party. Next stop After a very Long Ride against the Never weavering Winds was at the grieve Library where we where served fruits and Water As well As a guided Tour. After that we arrived at the Tune branch Library, an Open Library Concept. There we were served Dinner to replenish our Power.

stau tuned for our Final leg of the Day 1 Etappe.

your Electric cycling librarian









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my homework during my way from Copenhagen to Berlin

As we cycle towards Berlin for the annual German Librarians Conference I will explore together with my fellow cyclists the role of green libraries for society.  Although we have many topics to cover I’m especial interested in the New Professionals one.

Dierk’s homework: how to make a green library?

Libraries have always been the keeper of the cultural heritage of
mankind. But with the advent of the industrial era mankind threatens
the very foundation of our existence, nature. Now, libraries as keeper
of knowledge and educators of society can play a key role in saving
the environment and allow for technical advance at the same time. What
can, what has to be done by libraries and librarians to reach that
goal? Is there room for exchange of ideas regarding the green
libraries at cyclingforlibraries? Can this be the starting point of a
global green library movement?

I’m looking forward to this adventure

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